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Missouri Casinos May No Longer Accept Deadbeat Parents

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If you want to be one of those people who disregards your responsibilities when it comes to spousal or child support payments, Missouri has a plan for you. Do not expect to be allowed in casinos in the state in the future.

A Bill has been proposed in Missouri that would put deadbeats on an exclusion list at state casinos. The state is being clear, if you do not have the money to pay support, then you should not have the money to gamble.

"It's a simple philosophy. If you don't want government in your life, don't ask the government to take care of your life. Those deadbeat parents looking to the government to take on their responsibility should be held to a stricter standard to protect taxpayers," said Rep. Tim Flook, the sponsor of the Bill.

This is not the first time the Bill has been proposed to lawmakers. Previously twice the Bill has been rejected. Flook is hoping the third time is a charm, although evidence would suggest otherwise.

Gambling loss limits were eliminated in the November election, meaning that patrons no longer have to carry identification cards. Without the cards, it will be nearly impossible for casinos to monitor who comes in and out of their establishments.

Flook turns to an existing list of criminals who are banned from the casinos as a way the Bill would work. Opponents of the Bill, however, claim that casinos know their current lists well because there are only ten to twenty names.

They claim that if deadbeat parents were added to the list, it would become unmanageable. The one area that can be controlled is payouts. If a deadbeat person did get in and won a jackpot, the casino could deny them the money if the Bill is passed.

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