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Missouri House Looking To Slow Progress Made From Casino Gambling

The Missouri Gaming Commission has made major progress in regulating the state's casinos. The state House, however, thinks things are moving to quickly for them to comprehend, so they are trying to slow the casino expansion process down.

The House voted on Wednesday for a two year ban on all casino licenses. they claim that the expansion is happening too quickly, and that something needs to be done to slow the process.

"We need to take a step back for a couple of years and need to analyze what's going on everywhere before we start throwing licenses out," said Rep. Shannon Cooper.

It might have been too much to ask for Missouri to be a leader into the age of casino gambling that the United States is heading towards. The state seems much more likely to wait and see if others succeed before allowing their own state the chance at increased revenue.

The main concern is Kansas and their expanded gambling efforts. That is more reason, according to Democrats to lead instead of follow.

"If we were in the gaming industry first, why wouldn't we proceed with gusto and create the best gaming industry we can and let Kansas adjust to us," said Tom Villa, Representative from St. Louis.

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