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MyOhioNow Brings Real Facts To Casino Issue In Ohio

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Opponents of a proposed casino in Ohio have been pulling out all the stops in trying to convince people not to vote for Issue Six in the upcoming election. The only thing they have yet to bring to the table is actual facts as to why the casino would be a bad thing.

Issue Six asks voters to approve a new casino in Ohio. MyOhioNow is the group that has been pushing the issue and they now have brought some facts out through a study that voters should be aware of.

A study from Michigan Consultants has concluded that a new casino in Ohio would generate $255 million in payments for the state. Opponents have claimed that there is a provision in the way the amendment was written that would allow the casino to not pay the state any of this money. That claim is false.

In addition to the money that would be generated from the casino, perhaps the bigger impact, the study found, would come from the amount of jobs that would be created. 8,700 jobs are projected to be added from the casino.

In a time when the biggest casino in the United States, Foxwoods in Connecticut, is laying off 700 employees, the addition of 8,700 jobs would be a huge boost for residents of Ohio. In the current state of the economy in the U.S., any legal business venture that would bring 8,700 jobs to an area should be considered a blessing.

"This (Michigan study) analysis confirms what we've been presenting to Ohio. Issue Six will bring in millions of dollars in tax revenue and thousands of new jobs to Ohio, while keeping money from traveling outside the state," said co-founder of MyOhioNow, Rick Lertzman.

While MyOhioNow continues to bring solid evidence to the forefront of this issue, opponents continue to run in circles with the same stale arguments that are being defeated in other states.

The general public is not the same as it was in the old days. people are more open to progressing as a society and part of that progression over the past ten years has been casino gambling laws being lightened.

Unless opponents of Issue Six come up with concrete facts, MyOhioNow will succeed in their efforts to bring more jobs and increased revenue to the state of Ohio.

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