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NAACP Cleveland Chapter Endorses Casino Gambling Issue 3

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First it was the firefighters and various police organizations, and now it is the NAACP. On Friday, the local chapter of the NAACP in Cleveland endorsed Issue 3, which would legalize casino gambling in Ohio.

Issue 3 has been receiving support from many of the top public safety officials in the state of Ohio. Firefighters and police officers believe that the money generated from the casinos would go a long way in helping keep the public safe.

With money marked to go towards public safety, there could be additional funds available to hire new law enforcement officials. There also could be upgrades to existing facilities and other areas that could help improve public safety.

While the NAACP has endorsed Issue 3, there are those that believe that the African American community could be hurt by the addition of casinos. The NAACP has long been opposed to casino gambling, but their views are starting to change much like the views of many Ohioans in general are changing.

"We all know that casinos and gambling disproportionately harm African-Americans and poor people," said Cleveland Councilman Zach Reed, who is also an NAACP member, "And you cannot support an industry that has a history of harming African-Americans."

Of course, there is the chance that chapters of the NAACP in other areas of Ohio do not support Issue 3. Recent polls suggest that Ohio voters are in favor of the new casino plan that will bring casinos to Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Toledo, if approved.

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