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Nebraska Senator Surprises With Amendment To Expand Gambling

Nebraska Senator Paul Schumacher was chosen by the people to serve in the Legislature. Now, Schumacher is again asking for the support of voters, but this time the result could be several new gaming facilities in the state.

Schumacher has sponsored an amendment that will be taken up by the Senate. The amendment would allow Legislature to add casinos and other forms of gambling without voters approval. In order for the amendment to pass, it would have to first get through the Senate and House, with the final approval coming by voters during the next election.

Schumacher and other lawmakers have already earmarked the funding that would be generated from the expanded gambling. Nearly 50% of the tax revenue would go towards education. Another 49% would go towards health care, and the other one percent will go into a fund to help gamblers with addiction.

Nebraska has been relatively quiet when it comes to the gambling boom taking place across the US. Back in 2004 was the last time that a gambling proposal made its way to the public, and voters defeated that measure. Schumacher believes this time around will be different.

Neighboring states have added new casinos over the past five years, and that has Nebraska residents taking their money out of state. Schumacher estimated that millions of dollars are leaving Nebraska to gamble in other states, and wants residents to keep their entertainment funds in Nebraska.

Iowa is the biggest example of how a casino industry can help a state financially. Iowa is one of the leading gaming states in the US, and brings in hundreds of millions of dollars each year in gaming tax revenue. The gaming funds have been used to help Iowa get through the economic recession.

The exact location of new gaming facilities in Nebraska is not yet known. Schumacher did mention Omaha when asked about what potential location could be a target area for a new casino.

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