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New York Residents Overwhelmingly Support Gambling Expansion

New York residents take much pride in being the trendsetters for the rest of the nation and even the world. On Wednesday, New Yorkers again showed that they are willing to go with what is trending when they overwhelmingly supported the idea of Vegas-style gaming in the state.

A Quinnipiac poll was released today that shows sixty-four percent of state voters were in favor of Vegas-style casinos. That number gives strong credence to the ideas that have already been discussed by state lawmakers. Expanded gambling now seems like a slam dunk in New York.

Governor Andrew Cuomo started the talk of gaming expansion by pushing casino resorts. Lawmakers have quickly jumped on board with the idea, and the Quinnipiac poll shows that residents, too, are looking forward to full-scale gaming in New York. Only thirty-one percent of those polled were against gambling expansion.

"We live in New York, it's the greatest city in the world," said Marc Blum. "There's no reason why we shouldn't have all the offerings of all the great cities in the world, and casinos are more popular than ever right now. I would love to add casinos to the rich tradition of entertainment options we already have. I hope it gets done, because us New Yorkers deserve the best."

The debate over casino gambling is expected to pick up shortly after the new year. Governor Cuomo has been persistent in his attempt to change the current laws, and will be a leading voice when the debate sparks in 2012. Cuomo believes the casinos can add not only millions of dollars in revenue, but also tens of thousands of jobs for New York residents.

The opposition to expanded gambling are pinning their hopes on convincing their fellow lawmakers that gambling can bring an increase in gambling addiction and crime. That defense has not worked well in other states, where dozens of gambling laws have changed since the 2008 economic recession. New York is actually lagging behind Maryland, Maine, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut when it comes to the casino gambling industry.

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