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NFL Wins Delaware Sports Gambling Appeal, No Single-Game Bets

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The NFL may have taken the lead today in their legal battle with Delaware over sports betting, but at the same time, they may be risking losing a large portion of their fan base in the process.

A federal appeals court on Monday ruled that Delaware's sports betting plan was unconstitutional. Delaware had planned to allow single-game bets as early as next month, but now that plan will have to be shelved for the time being.

The NFL has recently changed their own rules regarding gambling. They allow teams to partner with state lotteries on scratch off games of chance bearing the team names and logos. They have defended this as an acceptable form of gambling.

"That's a far cry and a complete distinction from....betting on the outcome of games," said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, back in May while justifying the NFL allowing the lottery gambling associated with the NFL.

As recently as Saturday evening, the NFL promoted gambling on the NFL Network that they created. The advertisement was run during the third quarter of the Steelers, Redskins, preseason game.

The NFL's stance that getting lucky in the lottery is acceptable gambling, but gambling on a football game after in-depth analysis is wrong, is beginning to rub fans of the sport the wrong way. At first, fans of the sport, which are a large majority of gamblers, were accepting of the NFL's bullying ways, but now, the tide is turning.

"It is one thing for the NFL to make all these stupid rules and act like they are the law over everyone associated in their league," said fan Barry Greld, "but for them to tell me that I shouldn't make a bet, that's where they are crossing the line. I'll bet on any football game I want to, and I don't want people I don't know telling me I can't."

That sentiment is starting to spread throughout NFL fans. Unfortunately, in the Delaware case, the league has the law on its side. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act forbids single-game bets. Delaware is exempt from part of the PASPA because they allowed parlay bets for a brief time back in 1976.

The next move for the state will be to either appeal today's ruling or bring it straight to the U.S. Supreme Court. They have the option also of just moving forward with the parlay bet plan.

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