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No Vote On Casino Leaves Revenue Money To Go To Neighbors Of Maine

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Voters in Maine made their decision on Tuesday regarding the future of a casino slated for Oxford County. Unfortunately, the decision that was made could come back to haunt the people of Maine for a long time.

Voters went against a question that would have opened the door to a casino in Oxford County. The casino was projected to bring in almost 1,000 jobs and millions in revenue to the state. Now, residents might have to watch their neighbors take advantage of their decision.

"I think, unfortunately, we have a governor who vetoes everything, and it makes it difficult to get initiatives such as this passed. I think we're likely to see a casino in New Hampshire, and their Legislature doesn't make it as difficult," said Pat LaMarche, spokeswoman for the Olympia Group that was proposing the casino.

The way the initiative was worded could also have scared off voters in Maine. "Do you want to allow a certain Maine company to have the only casino in Maine, to be located in Oxford County, if parts of the revenue is used to fund specific state programs," read the ballot question.

"If they really wanted that casino in Maine, they would have eliminated words such as 'only' and 'part' from the ballot question. It is clear that they worded the question that way to scare voters," said Henry Blylon, and advocate of the Oxford casino project.

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