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Ohio Prepared To Topple Kentucky With Additional Gambling

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Governor Steve Beshear has been dreading this day for months. He has valiantly attempted to protect the horse racing industry in Kentucky, although some of his moves have been suspect. His attack on the Internet gambling industry was one of the worst political moves of all time.

Even though he lost that battle in the courts, Beshear vowed to continue his fight for the racing industry by pushing legislation that would expand gambling at the tracks. Slot machines would be added, and additional revenue and jobs would be created.

On Monday evening, his plan came crashing down at the hands of the Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee. They voted against a Bill that would have legalized the slots, bringing an end to the gambling expansion debate in Kentucky.

The ramifications from this vote could be disastrous for the state. Ohio, which is a neighbor of Kentucky, is making a strong push to expand their gambling options. after years of losing the debate, gambling proponents in Ohio finally look like they have enough support to win.

The result could be the end of a long love affair between Kentuckians and their racing industry. Without the gambling revenue, purses at state racetracks will continue to drop, while Ohio racetracks would thrive.

The natural progression from there would be the horsemen would go where the money was. Where the money will be is in Ohio, not Kentucky. It is the end of an era, one that could have been salvaged, but is now heading for extinction. Thanks Governor Beshear for your efforts, but online gambling and the state of Ohio appear to be the winners, and Kentucky, the losers.

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