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Ohio Residents Upset With Gambling Poll Released By David Betras

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Mahoning County Democratic Chairman David Betras thought he was rallying his base when he released the results of a new poll that was done by a Florida company. It turns out, however, that the results of that poll and the timing of the release are only angering Ohio residents.

The poll, conducted by a Florida company shows that Ohio residents, by a majority, will still be voting in favor of Issue 3, which would bring casinos to four major cities in the state. Betras spun the poll to look as if support was down for the casinos from a recent newspaper poll.

There was a poll commissioned by some of the biggest newspapers in the state that showed fifty-nine percent of voters are in favor of bringing casinos to the state through Issue 3. The poll released by Betras showed that support was only in the forty-eight percent range.

"Betras spun this poll to make it look like support was down, but that is not really the case," said Melissa Belton, "He is just against the casinos and is trying to sway voters that it is a bad idea. I guess if bringing jobs and revenue to Ohio is a bad idea, then Betras is right."

The polls that have been conducted were split on party lines, according to Betras. he says that Republicans have been selling their commissioned polls to show that Ohio residents are in favor of Issue 3. Betras convinced Truth-PAC to pay for an additional poll that was conducted by a Democrat-run company.

Unfortunately for Betras, the Democrat-run company came up with similar results. The Ohio residents are still in favor of passing Issue 3, only the figures were closer. Betras has been heavily against the casinos, attempting unsuccessfully to shut down the petition drive for Issue 3.

The issue will be resolved in the November election with many signs pointing towards Ohioans voting in favor of casinos for the first time in history. The unemployment rate and fiscal condition in Ohio are a main reason for the change of heart.

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