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Ohio Senate Concedes Gambling Issue Should Go Before Voters

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The Senate and the House in Ohio have two very different views when it comes to casino gambling expansion. The House is in favor of the expansion, while the Senate wants no part of it.

The issue has created animosity that is leading to the two sides not being able to agree on a budget for the next two years. Governor Ted Strickland, who at first was against expanded gambling, has switched positions, and is now in favor of the expansion.

Strickland has now given what amounts to an ultimatum to legislators. They must either complete the budget, or risk not being paid. Strickland has had enough of the politicking and wants the budget complete and has said he will use his powers as governor to ensure the work is done.

The Senate, knowing they are on thin ice with the governor, has offered a compromise of sorts. They are now willing to bring the gambling issue to the voters. Already, voters may be deciding on whether or not to allow four new casinos in major cities in Ohio.

The other issue outside of the casino expansion is state race tracks, and how gambling can help them stay competitive. Strickland and the House want slot machines added to the state, and would be willing to change the law without voter approval. The Senate, however, wants the issue brought to voters who have already turned down gambling expansion several times.

A recent poll indicates that Ohio citizens are changing their minds on the gambling issue. Almost sixty percent of those polled claim they would vote for gambling expansion if it was on the ballot again.

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