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One Nation Rally Promotes Jobs; Internet Gambling Can Provide Them

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The One Nation rally was held on Saturday at the same place where Glen Beck held his Conservative rally just over a month ago. One area that speakers in both allies agreed is that the US needs to create more jobs and put people back to work.

The rally, which was attended by thousands of liberals, shed more light on the struggles of the middle class in the US. Speakers took turns describing how something needed to be done to boost morale and increase job opportunities. The liberal speakers, however, left out the one area that can guarantee new employment in a timely manner.

Internet gambling prohibition is strong in the US, with lawmakers enacting the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act back in 2006. Recently, many legislators have seen the error in the creation of the UIGEA, and a movement is in place to overturn the ill-advised law.

If lawmakers follow through on their plan to overturn the UIGEA, the groundwork will be laid to set up a regulated online gambling industry in the country. That would set the wheels in motion for the creation of thousands of jobs that are desperately needed in this period after a major recession.

"The One Nation rally showed that people are hurting and are struggling to pay their bills and make ends meet," said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. "It makes no sense in these difficult times that lawmakers are moving so slowly to overturn Internet gambling prohibition. With thousands of jobs at stake, it would seem like this should be a priority."

Online gambling is a billion dollar industry in the US, despite the government's attempt to criminalize the activity. Foreign companies are currently reaping the benefits of the prohibition, with many online gamblers sending their money overseas. If regulated, the industry would not only provide thousands of jobs, but also bring billions of dollars to the government in gambling tax revenue.

The Tea Party movement has been gaining steam in recent months, and the One Nation rally was held to offset the political momentum that was created when Beck held his rally five weeks ago at the same location. Dozens of political groups were present on Saturday afternoon at the National Mall.

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