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Online Casino Advisory Call For Gambling Boycott In Kentucky Gaining Steam

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There are certain things that bring online companies together and one of those things is an infringement on their rights. The state of Kentucky has infringed on the rights of online site operators and now they are fighting back.

Las week, Online Casino Advisory's Senior Gaming Analyst Sherman Bradley called for a boycott of all gambling in the state of Kentucky. The call for a boycott was in response to Governor Steve Beshear's greed when it comes to gambling in Kentucky.

Beshear ran his campaign on the strong notion that he would expand gambling in the state. Instead of expanding, he made his priority to try and seize the domain names to 141 online gambling sites.

Beshear used the effect the gaming could have on children as his motive for trying to seize the domain names. That argument, however, does not hold much water when one considers that Beshear is pushing hard for casino gambling in the state.

The boycott, which started as a suggestion by the Advisory, has now picked up steam with many of the top online casino news sites picking up the story. There is now even a website started to push the boycott.

Bradley's point of the boycott was that if Beshear wants to protect the children of his state from gambling, then the state should not receive revenue money from the industry. To boycott Churchill Downs would be devastating to Beshear and the state budget. That would possibly make him reconsider the forces he is battling against.

Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds has heeded Bradley's call to action and has set up a website at On the site, there are several suggestions on how to go about carrying out the boycott. Along with that website, other prominent online sites have joined the fight, including us here at the Casino Gambling Web.

If you have an online interest in any industry and would like to join the battle against Internet censorship, please call Governor Beshear's office on Friday, October 31st to voice your displeasure with his actions. The phone number is (502)564-2611.

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