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Online Gamblers Urged To Call US Representatives During Lame-Duck Session

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If ever there was a time that the online gambling community should be heard, it is now. Only a month remains in the lame-duck legislative session and this next month will be the last opportunity for changes to current US Internet gaming laws.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was put in place during a lame-duck session back in late 2006. Republicans, at the time, attached the UIGEA to a must-past port security bill. That attachment forced lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to vote in favor of the UIGEA.

Many Democrats have since looked deeper into the ill-advised law and have decided that it needs to be overturned. Representative Barney Frank is leading the charge to overturn the UIGEA, but Frank and his Financial Services Committee have been busy over the past two years dealing with the economic collapse in the US.

Now is the time for Frank to use the economic collapse to finally protect the millions of online poker players that exist in the US. Rep. Frank could attach his online gambling legislation, which has already been approved in committee, to a jobs creation bill.

If Conservatives were to vote against the jobs bill, they would take a publicity hit, something they are desperately trying to avoid now that they have some momentum with the general public. With a lot of legislation up for discussion in this last month, it is important to let these legislators know that online gambling prohibition is a major concern of US citizens.

Representative Frank has been mum on whether or not he is considering passing his online gambling legislation during the lame-duck session, and that may be a good thing. Frank does not want to tip his hand to opponents of the bill.

The people that cannot be mum right now, however, are the online gamblers themselves. With at least two years of Conservative leadership ahead in the House, now may be the last time to have your voices heard. Online gambling prohibition must come to an end in the US, as it has in other countries, and the way for that to happen is for those who do not want to be told how to run their lives, to speak up.

Now is the time to contact local representatives and ensure that Rep. Frank's Internet gambling bill is part of lawmakers' discussions over the next month. It is either that, or continue to play online poker at sites that are dangerous and unregulated for the foreseeable future.

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