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Online Gamblers Urged To Rebuke Efforts Of Professor Kindt And Religious Groups

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University of Illinois Business Professor and longtime opponent of online gambling regulations in the US John Kindt has again made statements about the issue of late. Much like previous statements, Kindt showed he has no grasp on the actual activity of online gambling.

"Legalizing online gambling is basically creating a huge social problem where none existed before," said Kindt, as reported by Kindt then went on to speak of how online gaming applications would be a ruin to society in the US.

Senator Harry Reid and Representative Barney Frank are both pursuing online gambling legislation that would regulate the industry. The lawmakers take the opposite position of Kindt, understanding that Internet gambling is already a big part of society in the US.

Kindt claiming that online gambling creates a "huge social problem where none existed before" places emphasis on how far out of reality the professor has become on this issue. It is estimated that billions of dollars every year are currently wagered by Americans at online sites.

These Americans, totaling in the millions, are currently unprotected by the US government and are prey of foreign Internet gaming operators. Without regulations, these US residents, who are doing nothing illegal under US law by placing bets on their poker skills, are at risk of business fraud by foreign companies.

Technology was also a recent target of Kindt while speaking to "The ability to put a gambling or casino app on a smart phone would be a recipe for economic disaster. That would truly be a killer app, because the number of personal bankruptcies and people addicted to gambling would just absolutely soar. If we want to reduce our deficit, we need economic recovery, which means we need people buying goods and services. That's not going to happen if people are dumping their money into online gambling apps."

Again, Kindt has missed the mark with that statement. Online gambling would only help the economy recover with the thousands of jobs regulations would create. Millions of dollars in tax revenue that is currently going out of the US would also stay within the borders. Instead of paying companies in other countries, the millions of online gamblers would be pumping money into US-based companies that pay taxes and spend money in the country.

In addition to the revenue and jobs, online gambling regulations would also place spending limits on Internet gamblers, something that currently does not exist in full regulation. Problem gambling is addressed in Representative Frank's online gambling bill, and almost certainly would be included in any legislation proposal by Senator Reid passed as an amendment to the tax cuts bill.

Religious groups and their allies such as Professor Kindt are attempting to use scare tactics to keep Internet gambling regulations from passing the US Congress. CGW urges all online gamblers to contact their Representatives and Senators and have their voices heard in an effort to end online gambling prohibition in the US.

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