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Online Gambling Domain Name Case Extended A Week In Kentucky

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The state of Kentucky is taking on Internet gambling websites in the most unusual of ways. They are trying to seize the domain names of these sites in order to shut them down. The case has once again been postponed by Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate.

The judge is hoping that the two sides can come to an agreement before the case has to be heard, but so far there have been no advances in that settlement. Lawyers for both sides now have until October 7th to try and either work out a settlement, or prepare their cases.

"Until this point, the state and its hired gun class-action attorneys have acted in an ex-parte fashion, only presenting one side of the argument to the court. The continuance granted today will ensure all the cards are on the table and allow the current owners of the domain names of the 141 websites to retain ownership in the interim," said John Pappas, Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance.

The court believes that probable cause does exist regarding these websites and their domain names being associated with illegal gambling. It will be difficult, however, for the state of Kentucky to prove their case because there are no laws that exist that show that poker is illegal online.

"The actions by the state of Kentucky are not only extreme but groundless in that it can be clearly proven that poker is indeed a game of skill and not chance and, thereby, poker websites should not be part of the state's action," said Pappas.

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