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Online Gambling Operation Nets Two Las Vegas Residents Probation

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Back in 2007, seven people were arrested in conjunction with an investigation into an online gambling operation. Two of those arrested were Francisco and Kimberlie Lombardo.

On Monday, the couple was given one year probation after pleading guilty to one count of information or alleging conspiracy to violate the Wire Wager Act back in the fall of 2009. The couple claims they did not know what was happening at the upper levels of the operation.

What authorities found in their investigation was a multi-million dollar online gambling scheme involving different countries. The investigation led to thirty-four felony counts ranging from money laundering, bank and wire fraud, and racketeering.

Four of the main defendants in the operation have cases that are still ongoing. The other defendant, Tina Hill, is scheduled to be sentenced for her role in the operation on Wednesday. The Lombardo's and their lawyers maintain that they had no idea the extent of the operation.

The couple is currently living with two of their children, and are surviving on Francisco's Social Security payments. Kimberlie broke down in front of the judge when speaking at her sentencing on Monday.

Kimberlie claims her role in the operation was simply to organize the company. Authorities have found two relatives, Baron and Count Lombardo, to be directing Kimberlie and Francisco in their duties. Richard Carson-Selman and Henry Bankey are the other defendants.

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