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Online Gambling Petition - Messages From American Voters - Politicians, Listen Up!

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The following messages are to United States politicians from United States citizens who vote in state and federal elections. They are Republicans, Democrats, and Liberals. They are Christians and Jews, Buddhists and Muslims, some are even Atheists. They are United States citizens who love to play online poker, who love to spend nights gambling at online slot machines, or who like to make bets on sporting events. Above all they are people who believe in freedom. They are the people who United States politicians are supposed to represent.

The quotes below were taken directly from the Petition to Repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which will be hand delivered to all United States representatives and senators in late July.

Messages from Americans living in all 50 states to US politicians:

"Our troops are sent to fight for our freedom while our elected reps are taking it from us. Please tell us again why they are dying overseas when we need to be fighting for freedom in our own country." - Scott L., Voter from South Carolina

"As an American citizen I've always valued being free and living in a free society. When this was passed it really made me question weather or not I really do live in a free country. Also the way this was passed. It seemed so underhanded. They tacked it on to a bill that had nothing to do with internet gambling and a bill that was sure to pass." - Alan B., Voter from Kansas

"It strikes me as the height of supreme arrogance for someone to tell me what I can or cannot do with my own money on my own time in the privacy of my own home..." - Joe G., Voter from Arkansas

"I was a lifelong Republican before the passage of the UIGEA and a contributor to the party and its candidates. Now I'm not sure what I am except against anyone who doesn't support repeal." - Robert L., Voter from Texas

"I'm disabled and play poker on-line it helps me to keep my mind off the pain and is easily available for me, please keep poker on-line." - Mary C., Voter from Oregon

"Poker is a game of skill. Yet games like bingo and the lottery are legal. These take lots of skill to play. Tax poker just like you tax other games." - Mary S., Voter from California

"Please leave us to make our own decisions. We pay out taxes, and respect the laws. The law should also respect us." M.C. R., Voter from Florida

"I believe this is a bad law & it was snuck through congress piggy backed on a security bill. This law should be repealed as soon as possible. The online gaming industry should be regulated & monitored to protect the customer, not outlawed." Michael M., Voter from Nevada

"As you may know, Montana allows poker gaming; however until 2007 the poker rooms allowed smoking and to play, you had to deal with second hand smoke. As a result, I chose to play online. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act puts my health at risk. The primary justification is for taxation not for moral reasons. It should be repealed immediately. If Poker winnings from online gaming need to be taxed, we have the technology to do it. Please repeal the act immediately." Joseph M., Voter from Montana

"I am 44 years old. I am not a child. It is safer and more convenient for me to play poker at home than travel 100 miles to play. Why is it that the government feels that I am not able to decide if I want to spend my money playing poker or not? There are terrorists, murderers, molesters and others praying on innocent people. Poker players are not criminals." - Jeffrey V., Voter from Pennsylvania

"...focus you efforts in safeguarding the sites we play at and the funds we use to play." Nick M., Voter from North Carolina

"I can't believe the stupidity within our government. In a country that puts freedom above everything, all our elected officials can do is come up with ways to curtail that freedom! Repeal this ridiculous law!" - David M., Voter from Massachusetts

"We should be able to make the decision on how we spend our money. If I enjoy wasting money on poker, I should have the freedom to do that." Steve A., Voter from Georgia

"It is critical that the US government get the hell out trying to govern our personal lives. This holy-roller perspective that got the UIGEA passed is pure "Big Brother" and is not needed. The US government needs to get the hell out of my personal life and stick to what our founding fathers intended." - Vince F., Voter from Texas

"Here's a thought, All u politicians just kick back and enjoy your free health care and leave us the hell alone." - Anonymous Voter from Maine

"Let we, the people, decide which course of entertainment we wish to pursue. Isn't " ... liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ..." in our constitution ??" - Robert W., Voter from Texas

For politicians interested in the American people's interest, please visit the Petition Site to read thousands of personal message from American voters like the ones posted above.

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