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Online Sports Gambling Operations Continue To Be Targeted In US

The US has some ambiguous laws when it comes to online gambling. The game of poker, according to many legal experts, is one of skill and therefore should be exempt from any laws that restrict games of chance. Sports betting, however, has no such gray area.

The US has repeatedly shown that if there is one form of online gambling that will not be tolerated in the country, it is sports betting. This past week, two more men were added to the growing list that are spending time in jail for operating an online sports book.

James L. Dicapo was sentenced to three years and five months in prison, and James J. Moretina was hit with a year and a day sentence by US District Judge Nanette Laughrey. Dicapo showed some remorse when he was asked to make a statement at his hearing, while Moretina declined the right to speak.

The operation that the two convicts were associated with was one considered to be one of the largest in US history. All four defendants in the case were found guilty last March. They were accused of running an operation that won over $3 million from customers.

Much like many online sports books, this operation was run out of a call center in Costa Rica. Three of the four men were sentenced to around one year. Dicapo had additional charges that he pleaded guilty to, so he was sentenced for a longer period of time.

Online sports betting is one of the largest industries in the world. In Europe, sports books on the Internet are commonplace. The European countries have heavily regulated the industry, and it has created publicly traded companies that are now starting to move into the US. William Hill recently purchased Nevada sports books in an effort to start building a positive reputation with US gaming regulators.

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