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Pari-Mutuels Conspire to Shutdown Florida Arcade Association

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Florida prosecutor Gregg Rossman has decided to file an injunction against the Florida Arcade Association in South Florida that could ultimately lead to the companies operational shutdown. Right away, many in the South Florida area are crying conspiracy.

"The pari-mutuels are definitely behind this. They see the fun-filled arcades as competition to their new low-class slot machines", says Betty Ryan, a senior citizen and long time member of the arcade.

The arcades have always worked within the laws. They do not offer any sort of illegal gambling like slots, poker, blackjack, or sports betting. They are simply fun-filled and colorful video machines where players press buttons to stop spinning reels. If you win, the credits are converted into prizes and gift certificates within Arcade. The clientale is mostly seniors who come in to play the penny machines, have a few laughs, and dine on free food.

The owner of the Arcade, Gale Fontaine has scene this type of attack from prosecutors before. She was recently acquitted back in the summer on charges of unlawful gambling. A Broward Circuit Court jury acquitted her rejecting claims that the machines inside one of her Pompano Beach game rooms were unregulated casino slots.

"To say that Gale Fontaine and the Florida Arcade Association are public nuisances or doing anything illegal is simply wrong, as we proved in the last trial," said Fontaine's attorney, David Oscar Markus.

Many supporters of the Arcades are expressing the unhappiness with the attempted shutdown. There is definitely work being done behind the scenes involving the pari-mutuels in South Florida. Without a doubt, they see the game rooms as competition and a friendlier style of gaming that they cannot offer. The pari-mutuels are known in South Florida as sleezy gambling joints, littered with prostitution and drugs. Not too mention these pari-mutuels are a haven for serious gambling addicts.

A shutdown of over 100 arcades in the Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami areas would be an extreme boost for these dirty casinos called pari-mutuels. As more information on this story comes out of sunny South Florida, we'll be right here to report the news.

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