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People Arrested in Borgata Sports Gambling Bust Plead Not Guilty

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Back in November authorities arrested a large group of people who they felt were involved in a multi-million dollar sports gambling ring. The arrests took place in Atlantic City, and on Monday, twenty four of those arrested plead not guilty in court.

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa was the location of the operation, according to authorities. The poker room was the place where the ring operated for over twenty months, Officials say that over $60 million in bets were taken in the operation.

In addition to the basic gambling charges, the leaders of the group are also facing more severe criminal charges. Racketeering, money laundering, and conspiracy are all charges in addition to promotion of gambling.

Authorities all across the country have been cracking down on various forms of illegal gambling. Sports betting has been at the top of that list, but the arrests have not been limited to only illegal sports activity.

Police units around the United States have also been cracking down on the use of illegal gambling machines. With casino gambling becoming much more prevalent in today's society, many bar owners have brought the machines in to try and raise revenues for their establishments.

In most states, these machines are illegal under state law, and police have been busy confiscating the machines and arresting the owners of the establishments who offer the illegal gambling.

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