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Poll Indicates Texans Are Ready For More Gambling In The State

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The state of Texas is traditionally one of the most Conservative states in the US, and that certainly holds true with the issue of gambling. For years, gambling proponents have been trying to expand gambling in the state, and for years, lawmakers have closed the door on the idea.

The times, however, are changing, and Texans appear to be changing as well. A recent poll indicated that a large percentage of Texans would be in favor of some form of gambling expansion. The potential voters are split on which type of expansion they would support.

The nonpartisan Texas Lyceum group conducted a poll at the end of September that offered questions on a variety of subjects. Among the questions that were asked were several dealing with gambling expansion. The results show just how far Texas residents have come on the gambling issue.

When asked whether they would support full scale casino gambling in Texas, twenty-nine percent of those surveyed said they would support such expansion. Twenty-one percent of the respondents claimed they would be in favor of expansion at already existing locations such as racetracks.

Budget shortcomings in Texas have swayed legislators to take up the gambling issue again at the beginning of next year. It is expected that the vote on gambling expansion and the proposed bills will be closer than ever, with the budget deficit causing some lawmakers to move in the direction of supporting additional gambling.

The Texas Lyceum poll also asked the subjects whether or not they would be in favor of a complete ban on gambling in the state. Only twenty-two percent were in favor of outlawing gambling altogether. That is a number that has continued to drop as gambling has become more accepted around the US.

Many states have now used gambling expansion as a way to cut budget deficits. The lottery, slots, poker, table games, and even sports betting has been added in states looking to increase revenue. Pennsylvania, Delaware, California, and Florida are states that have moved heavily in the direction of full scale casino gambling in recent years.

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