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Regulations Needed to Stop Criminals at Online Casinos in the USA

A new report by McAffee security firm released on Thursday revealed that money laundering and bribes at online casino and poker sites are not only highly probable, but the activities are actually happening right now.

A bribe, for instance, might work by a 'donor' playing a poker game heads up against a public official and intentionally losing so that the public official earns the winnings and can cash out.

Less of this type of activity is seen in countries with regulated casino games, like the UK, where gambling scams are at an all-time low, according to Jeffrey Maxwell, analyst for the UK gaming industry.

"Because gambling at internet casinos is legal and regulated in the UK we can catch criminals and prosecute them with the help of the internet gambling companies," said Maxwell.

"Instead of fighting against the operators, who are just trying to run a good business, the government works with them to thwart criminal activity," Maxwell suggested.

When a 'player,' or 'punter,' as they are called in the UK, shows irregular activity in their account, the operator investigates the situation and if that activity is deemed suspicious enough it is reported to the gaming commission. This deters criminals and limits the criminal activity, according to Maxwell.

"Criminals really avoid the sites that run in regulated territories and instead head to the USA where online gambling is still in a gray area, where there are no federal regulations.

"What the US government seems to not realize is that if they want to get rid of criminal activity, banning online casinos is not the way to do it," Maxwell said. "The online gambling operators are friendly business people. It is the punters that can be criminal, and without the collusion between the gaming companies and the government the criminal activity will continue to proliferate in America."

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