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Religious Groups Send Letter Of Lies About Online Gambling To Congress

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It is a common practice of religious groups to make up their own opinions and present them to politicians as fact. Several religious groups have once again displayed their right to outwardly lie in a letter sent to members of Congress this week.

The letter was urging the members of Congress to vote against Representative Barney Frank's publicly backed Bills to change the Internet gambling laws in the US. The letter also held opinions represented as facts.

"The prevalence of gambling addiction is three to four times higher with Internet gambling versus non-Internet gambling," read the letter. This would be a monumental fact that could be used in the upcoming online gambling debate, except there is no scientific evidence available that backs this claim.

Focus on the Family had two of its members put there name to this inaccurate letter, they were Dr. Richard Land and Tom Minnery, President of American Values. The Family Research Council was represented on the letter by Tom McClusky. Gary Bauer, President of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission also signed the letter.

Not only is the allegations in relation to online gambling addiction false, but it has been proven to be not true by several different studies. The studies indicate a need for government regulation on Internet gambling.

Representative Frank has offered Bills that would overturn the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The UIGEA was put in place by religious conservatives who at the time did not fully understand the global effects of criminalizing the online gambling industry.

Now that the conservatives have been replaced, and are outnumbered in Congress, there is a strong possibility that Frank's Bills will be taken more seriously. It is not only Frank, however, that sees a need for regulation of online gambling.

The European Union has already expressed to the US that they are in violation of EU trade agreements with their Internet gambling laws. The EU has urged the new administration in the US to examine, and change, these laws. The EU has also reserved its right to take the matter to the World Trade Organization.

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