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Rep. Bacchus' Statement Helps Legalized Online Gambling Movement

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What Representative Barney Frank is to the legalize online gambling movement is what Representative Spencer Bacchus is to the opposition. They are the lead voices from both sides of the online gambling argument.

While Frank has drawn his opinion from the idea that grown adults should be able to make their own choice on Internet gambling, and that government should stay out of the way, Bacchus has offered a vision of a US that is controlled by government.

One recent statement, in particular, could have hurt Bacchus and his allies in Congress more than it helped. It may be the defining statement in the upcoming Internet gambling debate among lawmakers.

"Illegal offshore Internet gambling sites are a criminal enterprise, and allowing them to operate unfettered in the United States would present a clear danger to our youth, who are subject to becoming addicted to gambling at an early age," said Bacchus,a republican from Alabama.

Bacchus is correct in that statement, and that is where he may have opened the door for legalized online gambling. Currently, Internet gambling is a billion dollar industry, with a large portion of that money coming from US customers.

The point that Frank has been trying to make has now been handed to him on a silver platter from Bacchus. The only discrepancy in his remarks were that only the youth are being endangered. It is adults as well that are suffering from no regulations for these companies.

"In order for the US to protect their children and adults alike from the dangers of these illegal international gaming companies," said observer Janice Heron, "they must put regulations in place that would make what these foreign companies are currently doing, which is take advantage of weak US laws."

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was sloppily thrown into law, and even now nobody knows what exactly is legal of illegal online gambling. The haste in which the law was passed is one of the reasons that Frank believes he now has the support to overturn it.

"Congress kind of sneaked up on the American people," said Frank, before adding, "The people woke up." True the people have woke up, and that is why statements such as the one Bacchus made will be examined, and condemned for it's absurdity, something the public did not have the opportunity to do with the UIGEA back in 2006.

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