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Republicans Put Gambling Burden On Strickland In Ohio

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Governor Ted Strickland changed his stance when it comes to slot gambling in the state of Ohio. Now, an agreement has been reached with legislators where the slot gambling will become a reality in the state, but the governor is taking full responsibility for the gambling expansion.

The Senate, which is a majority Republican, did not want to allow the slot gambling. They may, however, have made a big tactical mistake by making the governor take full responsibility for the gambling.

A growing number of people in Ohio are in favor of expanded casino gambling. While voters have turned down the idea several times before, they seemed to have change their minds on the issue much like their governor. Senate Republicans are going off the past in claiming that people in Ohio do not want gambling.

Part of the deal reached with legislators on Friday is that Strickland must issue an executive order to put the slot law into effect. The fact that legislators did not vote it into law, means the full responsibility, whether the outcome is good or bad, will fall on Strickland.

It is a risk the governor is willing to take. He believes that the state needs a boost and the revenue from the slots will help keep the state from cutting some services out of the new budget. The legislators did have to make concessions to clarify state gambling laws so that legal challenges to Strickland's plan are few.

The entire US is moving towards a more liberal view when it comes to casino gambling. Strickland was able to see the turn and changed along with the people in his state, while the state Senate continues on the path of outdated ideology.

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