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Ron Paul Goes Over $4.2 Million Raised Mark as November 5th Ends

Ron Paul Raises Over $4 Million on 5th of November Ron Paul believes in bringing troops home from Iraq. He believes the invasion was a mistake and he believes the US owes the world an apology.

Ron Paul believes the civil liberties in America, like being able to freely gamble online, should be restored. Ron Paul believes there should be no federal income tax. Ron Paul believes in free trade, he believes in getting government to stop policing other countries, and he believes the government should stay as far out of the lives of American citizens as possible.

Today, Americans showed their support for his views in big ways.

Ron Paul will certainly now always remember the 5th of November as upon the day's conclusion his campaign raised more than $4.2 million dollars from more than 37,000 different contributors. That is more than Mitt Romney raised in one day in January, which was previously the top day in fundraising for a Republican candidate.

Maybe the most amazing part about the amount of money raised is that it was all raised online.

Paul's website reports that his campaign only needs $12 million by December 31st in order to win the primaries in New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan, South Carolina, and Nevada. As of midnight November 6th they were at $7.1 million and the numbers were rising quickly by the hundreds of thousands.

The money has not been reflected in the polls... yet. However, drive through any major road where billboards hang and you will learn about the serious support for Ron Paul. Check out your local college campus and you will see cars revealing a 'Ron Paul Revolution'.

Ron Paul said on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno that it is not about Ron Paul, it's about the message, and that message is freedom, and the message is catching on with today's young voters like no message has since the 1960's.

Guy Fawkes was a British mercenary who failed in his attempt to kill King James I on Nov. 5, 1605. The hero in the movie 'V for Vendetta' was based off the real Guy Hawkes character.

In the movie, set twenty or so years in the future, the UK government has become a complete dictatorship led by fear mongering propagandists where even the basic freedoms of being able to see beautiful art or being able to eat saturated butter have been stripped from the people in the name of protection. The people grew used to this situation and no longer even desired butter, or knew what freedom was.

The US at this point in the movie had long been a third world country in a civil war that broke out after Mideast upheaval following the US invasion of Iraq following the 911 attacks.

'V', the movie's hero, in the spirit of Guy Hawkes, rallied the people in order to overthrow the government on November the 5th. 'Always remember the 5th of November', the hero would say.

Ron Paul and his campaign followers are in NO WAY advocating violence, but they are getting behind the spirit of the 'V' revolution that they feel is needed in the United States.

For the past several weeks supporters of Ron Paul have been promoting the 5th of November as the day they will let their revolution be heard by monetary means. The means have been met, it remains to be seen if the revolution will follow.

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