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Russian Parliament Passes New Law for Casino Gambling

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According to the BBC, the government of Russia has decided to ban all casinos and gaming arcades from its major cities in response to the rapid growth of the gambling industry inside their country. The new law will force out all gambling casinos from Moscow within the next years.

Gambling was banned for most of the 20th century in the Soviet Union under Communist rule. Ever since the fall of Communism in Russia, the gambling industry over there has seen a boom-period. Now, twenty years after the fall, many areas in the capital city resemble Las Vegas or Macau more than a nation which once rivaled the United States in military power.

The Russian government says there are very good reasons for imposing such stringent new laws. It seems the exponential growth in casino gambling has been matched by a similar growth in the number of gambling addicts across Russia. Reliable figures are difficult to come by and do vary significantly, however.

The entire gambling industry across globe has been under fire recently, however, much of the attention has focused on the internet/online aspects of gambling. Land-based casino gambling has typically been protected by governments, not shutdown. This move by the Russian Parliament could spark other governments around the world to consider cleaning up their land-based casino gambling scene.

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