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Setback For Online Gambling Websites In Kentucky Supreme Court

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Governor Steve Beshear and the state of Kentucky attempted to seize the domain names of 141 online gambling sites last year. They were denied by a Court of Appeals in the state, but on Thursday they were awarded a minor victory by the state Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court ruled against the 141 online gambling sites, but it may not be a final decision. The court ruled that the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association and the Interactive Gaming Council did not supply a member of the domain names "with proper standing."

The court ruled that the domain names cannot be an entity themselves, and that they must be owned by a person or an entity. Since none of the domain name owners appeared in court, the Supreme Court threw out the petition to block the state from seizing the domain names.

The state may now again try to seize the domain names, but the possibility exists that there will be a re-filing of the petition in the Court of Appeals by iMEGA. It is iMEGA's belief that if they produce simply one of the parties that owns the domain names, then the case would again have merit.

"In the written decision, the Court clearly indicates they agree with our arguments and are inviting us to re-file so that the technicality of the standing issue can be resolved," said iMEGA Chairman Joe Brennan, in a press release, "It's unfortunate, but I can't imagine that Kentucky's lawyers will celebrate a ruling that says, 'Bring us an owner so we can rule in your favor.'"

At risk for the domain names is their worldwide standing. If the state of Kentucky gained control of the domain names, they could shut them down and make then non-accessible for anybody in the world. That would be a major blow to sites involved in the seizure such as and

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