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Sheriff Guilty of Participating In Illegal Gambling Ring

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Four members of law enforcement in Grady County, Oklahoma, have plead guilty to willful neglect of duty involving illegal gambling that was taking place on their watch. Sheriff Kieran McMullen and his wife were at the center of the scandal.

It happens in almost every town in America. Local law enforcement officials are friends with bar owners or other business owners in the area. They tend to overlook illegal activity that is taking place in these establishments.

It is not often, however, that the cops get called out for doing so. That is what happened in the case of McMullen. He, his wife, and two former deputies had knowledge of illegal gambling that was taking place inside a lodge, and they did nothing to stop it.

In 2006, District attorney Bret Burns' office raided the Chickasha Elks Lodge and discovered the illegal gambling that was taking place. On Friday, the four former law enforcement officials plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge in the case.

"This was the same deal that was on the table two years ago before the grand jury returned with an indictment. Even then, the county commissioners refused to remove him from office...This case sends the message that no one is above the law, and it doesn't matter if you wear a badge or not," said Burns.

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