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Smoking Ban Creating Havoc on Greenville, Mississippi Bingo Halls

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Everyday patrons who do not like the effects of cigarette smoke are pleased with the new law prohibiting smoking in public places in Greenville, Mississippi, but for Bingo parlors, the law is devastating to business.

Bingo parlors are by law required to donate money to charity after expenses, payroll and prizes, and much of that money is needed by the charities the bingo halls support.

Problem is, when they passed the law prohibiting smoking in public places recently, many of these bingo halls saw their participation drop significantly.

The main point in the lawsuit claims that there are exceptions to the smoking ban for casinos and bars, and Hollywood Palace Bingo claims that since they are governed by the same regulations from the Mississippi Gaming Commission as the casinos, they should receive the same exemptions.

What is further bothering the Bingo hall operators is that they give back money to the community all the time and casinos do not.

Alonso Dukes, president and CEO of Hollywood Palace Bingo says, "What they're doing, they're allowing smoking in casinos. They're endorsing casinos. We give away money every single game, casinos don't."

As of now if the law is not changed, many charities are being hurt by the decrease in Bingo playing patrons and only an exception to the law will help start regaining the money that is being lost for these charities.

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