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State Versus Federal Showdown Coming In Online Gambling Issue

This is the type situation that can get ugly when it comes to politics and the law. Several states are moving towards online gambling regulations, while the federal government continues to force prohibition on millions of Americans.

Nevada laid down the gauntlet this past week, but they did so with extreme caution. Lawmakers approved an online poker bill with the stipulation that they would not move forward with regulations until the federal government did so. That could be a while, Nevada.

On a federal level, a bill has been proposed by Representative John Campbell, but it has moved at a snail's pace. With anti-gambling Representative Spencer Bachus heading the Financial Services Committee, it is unlikely that Campbell and co-sponsor Barney Frank will have their bill heard in committee anytime soon.

That would leave the Senate, still controlled by Democrats, to lead the way on lifting online gambling prohibition. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid attempted to push an online poker bill late last year, but the legislation stalled. Reid has reiterated this year his support for regulations within the Internet gaming industry.

Being from Nevada, Reid had long been against any type of online gambling legislation. That, however, was before casinos in his state started going belly up after the recession. With casino owners changing their stance, it was not long before Reid jumped on board.

Other states have also moved towards regulation, with New Jersey becoming the only one where regulations actually passed in both chambers. Governor Chris Christie, an aspiring Republican leader, vetoed the online gambling bill, out of fear for the political fallout that would follow from within his own party.

With a handful of states considering regulating online poker, eventually a bill will pass. When that day comes, the state and the federal government will be on a court room collision course. It is likely that the federal government will try to stop any state laws that are not supported on a national level.

The states will argue that they have a right to make their own laws within their jurisdiction. No matter the outcome, one thing is certain, millions of US online poker players want the grappling to end, and they simply want to turn on their computers and play a game of poker in the comfort of their own homes.

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