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States Carrying Out Gambling Raids Weeks Before The Holidays

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The holidays are normally a time for cheer and happiness, but for some store owners this year, the holidays are presenting more stress than usual. Law enforcement officials around the country have been busy raiding establishments running illegal gambling operations.

In Laurens County, Georgia, eleven businesses were shut down on Tuesday after a raid on illegal gambling machines. The police seized thirty-nine machines in the raid that took place at storefronts in the county. Around twenty arrests have been made, on various charges.

The gambling was only the beginning of these raids. Police seized firearms, illegal drugs, and $73,000 in cash from the businesses. The investigation also led authorities to search some private residences in the county. The raid is the first of its kind since a similar raid back in 2007.

In California, four businesses were raided Tuesday in El Monte. Seven illegal gambling machines were seized in the raid, with the store owners portraying the machines as video games. There was $800 removed from the four machines in these raids. Residents have helped in this investigation, leading authorities to other locations where the gaming machines were being held.

This year, there has been a crackdown on illegal gambling activity all across the US. The crackdown corresponds in many states to changing gambling laws that are bringing new casinos. The casinos are generating tax revenue for the states, so law enforcement has cracked down on the illegal establishments that are taking money away from the casinos.

California has been one of the most liberal states when it comes to casino gambling for decades. Authorities in California have been busy for several years trying to keep the video gambling machine use to a minimum. In most cases, the machines are found in convenient stores or bars, with the business owners looking to generate a little more income during the tough economic times in the US.

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