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Students in the UK To Have Schools Chosen By Lottery

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In the UK like in many places around the world, children are placed in schools based on where they live. That may not be the case for very much longer.

A new policy has been put into place by government that will call for a lottery system to determine where students will go to school. The current system has been filled with problems.

Middle class parents had been buying up all of the houses in the places where the top schools in the country were located. That means that they were also taking spots in schools away from other children.

The government had to come up with a fair way to make sure everyone's children had an equal opportunity to gain access into the best schools.

What the new law shows upon a deeper look, is that there are not enough quality schools in the country. Government is feeling the pressure to improve all of the education system. That will make the new lottery system non relevant.

Seven schools have already implemented the new policies. Several others will begin using the lottery system shortly.

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