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Sunday Raid Nets Gambling Related Arrests In South Carolina

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Poker games are once again getting people in the US in trouble. The latest poker gambling related arrests came on Sunday in South Carolina, where eighteen people were arrested in conjunction with a law enforcement raid.

It seems as though the residence that was being used was only in existence to house the illegal gambling operation. There were also varying drugs that were found during the raid at 827 Five Forks Road in Liberty, South Carolina.

The investigation of the house had been taking place for several months. Authorities found many different gambling devices when they raided the house on Sunday. Poker chips, tables, and playing cards were all found at the scene.

"This is another case of people playing poker and ending up in legal trouble," said observer Tony Hawstor, "but in this case, it looks as though the game was much bigger than just a game amongst friends.

During the raid, sixteen people were charged with gambling and arrested on the spot. Another woman, Tracey Dobbs was not only hit with the gambling charge, but also with possession of marijuana and Vicodine.

The ring leaders appear to be Michael Holcombe and Timothy Sewell. They were both with operating a gambling house. All eighteen of the people arrested were released on bond later in the day Sunday.

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