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Supreme Court To Decide On Poker Legality Case Friday

A long battle has been raging and lines have been drawn in the sand regarding the legality of poker, and whether the game is one of luck or skill. That question has been asked in court rooms all across the US, but as of yet the US Supreme Court has not weighed in on the subject.

On Friday, poker enthusiasts and opponents alike will get their answer as to whether the Supreme Court will hear a case that is being appealed in the state of New York. The case involves a bicycle shop owner who was holding a poker game amongst friends in the back of his bike shop.

Authorities arrested the man and charged him with operating an illegal gambling operation. The owner, who has been convicted, is appealing his case to the Supreme Court, asserting that poker should not be illegal because it is a game of skill.

There is precedent across the US on both sides of the issue. Several courts have ruled that poker is a game of skill, while others have ruled there is too much chance in the game for it to be considered a game of skill. Each state has their own laws regarding home poker games.

In Virginia, home games are legal. In Georgia, the same games are illegal. How the federal government sees poker is a key to states that are attempting to move forward and allow home games among friends.

If the Supreme Court decides Friday to take the case, it will serve as a mini-victory for those who want the law clearly defined. A Supreme Court ruling on whether poker is a game of skill or luck could also go a long way in shaping the future of the poker industry in the US.

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