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Sweepstakes Games Business Owners In North Carolina Gain Court Win

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Business owners in North Carolina that offer video sweepstakes games were going to be forced to close their doors as of December 1st, but this week they received a reprieve from a Superior Court judge in High Point.

This year, North Carolina lawmakers changed their laws and banned video sweepstakes machines. The machines, according to the lawmakers, were a form of gambling that was not supposed to be allowed after a 2006 law banned video poker. The sweepstakes machines were a loophole that was closed this year.

The legislators, however, may now have to go back to the drawing board after Judge John Craig III ruled that video-game sweepstakes games were protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The ruling means that the business owners who were set to shut their doors, have new hope.

There is a catch, however, that will cost these business owners plenty of money. The machines they are currently using must be eliminated. The judge ruled that any machine that has a game that mimics poker, keno, or any slot machine-type game, is illegal under North Carolina law and cannot be in use.

The described machines above almost all have games that are similar to the banned casino games. That means that in order to stay in business, the owners of these establishments must change out their machines or the software in the machines before December.

Several business owners applauded the decision by Judge Craig, and they acknowledged that they will comply with the decision. A couple of owners have already started changing out the machines, while others will have to close their establishments for a short period of time while the software in the machines is updated.

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