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Teamsters Going After Legislators In Mass. Over Casino Issue

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the Teamsters union has waged many battles over the years. With each passing year, and with every political issue, it seems the Teamsters have had their hand in the outcome.

They had been lobbying hard for Governor Patrick's casino proposal. That proposal was voted down by members of the state House, and it has infuriated the Teamsters union.

The union has now formally warned members of the legislature that they intend on finding candidates to run against them in the November election.

"Although we may not be 100 percent successful, I believe we will win some of the seats and make the rest spend money to protect their seats," said President of Teamsters Local Union No. 25, Sean M. O'Brien, in a letter to legislators.

Members of the House are not taking kindly to the letter. Some believe the Teamsters are just upset that the vote did not go in their favor.

"I can't think of anyone who has been more friendly to labor over my 12 years in office than the Massachusetts Legislature. It's a typical 'What have you done for me lately?'," said Representative Michael Rodrigues.

The union is particularly upset because they feel the Governor's plan would have brought many much needed jobs to members of their union.

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