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Two Gambling Establishments Raided In Florida

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Illegal video machine gambling is among the hottest things for police agencies to focus on these days in the US. With the expansion of legalized casino gambling, law enforcement officials are making sure that the gambling money is going to the legal locations.

On Saturday, the crackdown continued in the state of Florida. Two establishments were raided by authorities and both places were shut down. The raids continue a growing trend across the country.

In some areas of the country, police agencies have come out against legalized casinos. They say that they deal with the illegal operations and see all of the harm, they can cause.

Proponents of expanded gambling say that if casinos are legalized, the crime will actually decrease because the gambling will be monitored. There is statistical evidence in some areas of the US that show this to be accurate.

In the Florida busts this weekend only one person was arrested. The arrest did not stem from the gambling machines, but from a warrant that was already out on the individual in Holmes County.

Allied Veterans .42 and the Children's Cancer Cooperative Inc. were the locations that were raided. Equipment was seized from both locations.

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