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Two Representatives Warning U.S. To Stop Criminal Action Against EU Gambling Companies

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Two Representatives, Robert Wexler and Steven Cohen have warned the U.S. Justice Department that continuing to investigate European online gambling companies could put the United States in danger of ruining trade relations with the European Union at the World Trade Organization.

The two Representatives sent letters warning that if the investigations do not cease, the U.S. risks much bigger trade sanctions then what has already been approved for Antigua. The issue of the U.S. continuing their investigations could lead to major problems in the future.

"In all likelihood, this issue will escalate and I understand could result in WTO action focused specifically on how the U.S. government enforces its laws. I cannot see how that can be in the interests of this country," said Wexler in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey.

Since the United States has shut down the online gaming industry from their market, European countries have lost millions of dollars. At issue is why the U.S. is going after companies that operated before the UIGEA was put in place in 2006.

In September, members of the EU have scheduled a visit to the United States to continue their probe into the matter. The investigation by the EU began back in March and was started to determine if the U.S. was singling out European countries in their crack down on the Internet gambling industry.

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