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Video Poker Gambling Opponents Preying On Weak In Illinois

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As is the case everywhere across the US when the gambling issue is raised, there are proponents and opponents of the gambling expansion. In Illinois, the opponents are taking to the streets to attempt to scare communities into keeping gambling away.

State lawmakers have approved a law that will allow for video poker gambling across the state. It will be up to individual jurisdictions, however, if they want to put in their own laws to outlaw the gambling.

"We can protect our communities from this ill-conceived plan and stand together in saying 'no' to video poker," said Robert Schillerstrom, Head of the DuPage County Board. Unincorporated DuPage County has already banned video gambling machines.

If Schillerstrom plans on winning in his quest to become governor of Illinois, his advisors may want to inform him about a growing trend in Illinois and across the US. People who have previously been against gambling expansion, have softened their stance on the idea.

In fact, in Ohio, a state in which voters have turned away gambling expansion several times in the past couple of decades, voters appear to now be in favor of a new plan for casino expansion.

In Illinois, people may be wary of going against the video gambling because the economy has drained many businesses. To say no to gambling expansion would also mean saying no to extra revenue that would come along with the gambling.

Although there are opponents of video poker traveling the state with the intention of spreading the word to stop the gambling, there does not appear to be much support behind them. Only a couple of jurisdictions to date have banned the machines.

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