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Voters Approve Gambling Measures In Maryland, Arkansas, And Missouri

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Gambling has become a prevalent source of revenue for many states in America and never was that more evident than in Tuesday's election. Voters were asked in many states to make decisions regarding gambling, and they voted in favor of expanded gambling.

In Missouri, Maryland, and Arkansas, voters did their part to ensure that gambling will be entrenched in the future of the United States. At a time where revenue of any kind is hard to come by, voters decided that gambling could be the savior that propels the nations economy.

Missouri had a proposition on Tuesday's ballot to eliminate loss limits and identification cards at state casinos. The proposition passed and there will now be no states in the country with legalized casino gambling that will have loss limits.

In Arkansas, a measure was on the ballot to overturn a ban in the states constitution that had been in place since 1874. The measure would have created a state lottery. It passed, and as a result, many more children will have the opportunity to have their college paid for.

"I think Arkansans are saying with a very loud voice that they want to improve the affordability and the accessibility of college for our students," said Lt. Governor Bill Halter.

Maryland voters were not left out of the gambling fun. They approved the opening of five gambling halls throughout the state. The gambling halls could create up to $660 million annually for the states public schools.

"What we are seeing from the results of these gambling questions is that the nation is ready to move beyond the old school way of thinking regarding gambling. People are realizing that with the proper regulations, gambling can be a benefit to their communities," said Fran Breschler, a political gaming analyst from Baltimore, Maryland.

In addition to the states where measures were passed, several other states such as Colorado were awaiting the results of gambling questions on their ballots.

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