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Washington Governor on Topic of Online Gambling

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Washington Governor Christine Gregoire declares online gambling illegal and Seattle Times better be carefulIt's true! The Seattle Times is guilty of running an "online gambling promotional" type column by poker pro Daniel Negreanu where he occasionally suggests readers "hone their poker skills at online casinos".

As of this month, suggestions of this type can be considered "illegal" based on the new Washington State law that not only prohibits online gambling, but also prohibits the promotion of such activity. Welcome to George Orwell's 1984 folks!

It's surprising the ACLU hasn't gotten involved yet as this is nothing short of a state trying to prohibit what people can and cannot do over the internet. Didn't New Mexico try this some years ago with little success? New Mexico, incidentally, is on a list of a handful of states looking to follow in Washington's footsteps.

Then again, freedom of speech is being threatened in Washington State as well while its citizens sit around dumbfounded. These are elected officials that Washingtonians voted into office. "My suggestion to you is to remove from your paper any advice about online gambling and any links to illegal sites," Day said.

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