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Wyoming Lawmaker Looking To Clarify Current Poker Laws

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Legislators in the state of Wyoming updated their poker gambling laws four years ago when they decided to legalize friendly poker games. That meant that players could congregate in their friends homes' and play poker without fear of breaking the law.

Now, Senator Bruce Burns wants to take that law one step further. Burns is proposing that the state update their poker laws to allow bar owners to operate free poker tournaments and still profit in other areas while the players enjoyed the games.

Burns is suggesting that the law be changed to allow the bar owners to sell drinks and food to the players while they partake in the free poker tournaments. Currently, it is illegal for a profit to be made in conjunction with a poker game. It is a part of the law that simply needs clarification, according to Senator Burns.

Video poker machines have become the hot craze in the US, but Burns claims he will not push for the legalization of the machines in Wyoming. Instead, Burns says his legislation would still make the operation of these machines illegal. Bar owners all throughout the US have used the video poker machines to help offset the loss in business from the economic recession.

In some areas of Wyoming, local law would super-cede state law. Cheyenne, for instance, requires a permit to advertise free poker tournaments. It is rare that law enforcement has enforced the current laws, with some bar owners running the free poker tournaments on a weekly basis.tournaments. Burns' law change would ensure that law enforcement continued to stay out of the way of the games.

Another stipulation in the current law is that players must have a relationship with each other for the poker game to be considered friendly. Under the new law proposals, players who meet each other at the bar during the tournaments would no longer be subject to felony charges.

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