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ABC Brings Internet Gambling Into Your House Legally

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Network giants are constantly trying to out do one another when it comes to the craze of reality television, with the ever expanding ideas getting riskier and riskier, television producers must constantly stay on the cutting edge. So for the first time, the game of Bingo is being brought into your living room via your television set, and the internet.

As with most reality shows these days, this game puts it's livelihood on audience participation, only this audience is not only in the studio, but in the comfort of their own home.

The concept of the show goes like this, one player will be trying to accumulate 500 points before anyone in the studio audience reaches a traditional winning combination of down, horizontal, or across.

The player receives points by guessing if the next # out of the shoot will be lower or higher than the previous one, every right answer, the contestant gets the # of points on the ball, with no penalty for wrong answers. The game ends either when the player passes 500 points, or a member of the studio audiene gets bingo.

One of the catches to the show is that people at home can play also by picking up their game cards from Various prizes are awarded to the at home players if they get bingo by the end of each individual game. Prizes for the home viewers include gift cards and vacation trips, as well as cash.

ABC is banking on the idea that, giving away a substantial amount of prizes to home viewers, will translate to big ratings, therefore, making the show a hit.

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