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AOL, Yahoo Online Gambling Partnerships a Sign of the Future

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Yahoo entered the online gambling market with the introduction of their Yahoo poker portal and the industry got a taste of things to come. In July AOL announced they were entering the online gambling market as they teamed up with Jaxx UK Ltd., a sports betting subsidiary of FLUXX, a German sports betting company. With that partnership the future of the online gambling industry became clear.

Once the United States regulates and taxes the online gambling industry it is apparent that the true beneficiaries of the legislation will be the most popular Web 2.0 portals, not the Las Vegas brick and mortar casinos.

When it comes to the online gambling industry there are two important factors. High quality software and the ability to reach the masses.

The software, such as Microgaming and Playtech, already exists and anyone with a license will be able to purchase a brandable version. Just like Yahoo did with poker, just like AOL is doing with sports betting.

Once the US catches up with the rest of the world and legalizes the industry, expect to see Google Casino using the Microgaming software everywhere you look. Expect to see MySpace Casino, YouTube Casino and of course Yahoo and AOL Casino powered by Playtech. Without a doubt the big Las Vegas names will enter the market, but they will not be able to reach the masses as easily as say, Google, who sees more than 80% of US web searchers using their brand, who will be using the same software as the Vegas casinos.

The reality is that the country of the United States is full of gamblers, more-so than any other country in the world, and when gambling becomes mainstream and is legal you can bet that everyone and their mother, and grandmother will be doing it, and they will be playing at the places they most visit, because the places they most visit will be pushing their casino brands in their face.

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