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Bank Of America Pushing Online Banking For Gambling Customers

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Online gamblers have always been particular when it comes to choosing their bank. With the restrictions in the US, it is important that gamblers choose the right bank that will still allow the poker players' online transactions go through.

One of the things that gamblers look for is free checking accounts. Bank of America has offered accounts with no fees, but they are now changing the way they do business. Only the accounts with large amounts of money in them, and account holders that accept e-statements will receive free checking.

In the other cases, gamblers can expect to see fees that are steeper than the ones they are paying at their online sites. Poker players typically get hit with a percentage of each pot that goes to the house. Bank of America is preparing to charge $6 to $25 in fees monthly for those account holders than do not use other services the bank has to offer.

Four new levels of accounts have been unveiled in the new fee structure. The Essentials account will have a monthly fee, and customers will receive debit cards. Enhanced accounts require customers to have a $2,000 minimum balance or else the account holder must pay service fees.

eBanking accounts will also waive the monthly fee if the customer chooses to accept processing all of their banking transactions online or at the ATM. These accounts also will receive only e-statements. Premium accounts will be given out to customers that keep a minimum of a $20,000 balance.

Bank of America has caused some problems for online gamblers in recent months. The financial institution had a problem with their online banking several months ago, and gamblers feared that their accounts had been frozen because of the gaming transactions. It turns out the online banking system was down for all customers for a period of a couple of hours.

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