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Bank Of America Website Causing Concerns For Online Gamblers

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Anytime an online gambler in the US cannot gain access to their bank accounts, there becomes a sense of panic. Today, the stress set in for thousands of gamblers who were trying to access their accounts with Bank of America.

The popular banking institution had a problem for much of their day with their website. It caused widespread panic not only within the online gambling community, but throughout the country, as customers were unable to access their accounts.

The website was not completely shut down, at times throughout the day customers were able to gain access, but the relief was only short-lived as the site kept crashing throughout the day. Since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act rules were put in place last June, online gamblers have become paranoid when their accounts have been blocked.

In most cases, the problem had nothing to do with the online gaming activity. Several different banks over the past several months have had problems with their websites crashing, but the problems have usually been corrected within twenty-four hours. When the sites go down, the financial institutions have been flooded with calls from concerned bankers.

The UIGEA became more of a hassle than anything else for bettors. Many lawyers believe there is no risk for the gamblers when it comes to the UIGEA. The law is set up to ensure that financial institutions block transactions to and from online gambling sites. The burden of the law is on the banks, not the players.

Despite that, gamblers are still concerned that the government may interfere with their bank accounts if it is found out that transactions to the online poker sites are going through the account. These fears have not been realized, with the Department of Justice focusing their efforts on incriminating the payment processors and site operators.

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