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Bettors Rejoice Over Who Won Survivor Nicaragua Sunday Night

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At the beginning of this season of Survivor, the betting came fast and furious on which contestant would win. The betting was so intense, that actually pulled down the betting odds because of irregularities in the gambling on the reality show.

Other sports books, however, kept the lines up, and that was good news for bettors who chose to place their money on Jud "Fabio" Birza. The twenty-one year old became the youngest winner ever on Survivor, claiming the top prize of $1 million.

Gamblers had to sit through a grueling telecast of a finale on Sunday evening before they received the results they were looking for. Birza, was not one of the favorites when the show began, holding 4/1 odds. That placed him in the upper half of the contestants, but his youth was expected to deter him from winning.

Birza defeated another contestant with the same starting odds to win the competition. Chase Rice finished second, leaving no comfort for those who had followed him all the way through the competition and had hopes he would survive one final show. Rice finished second, but in gambling terms, that just means plenty of bettors lost money if they chose to back the car jackman from North Carolina.

One of the bets that was available before the reality show began was whether or not a male or female would win. Although the odds were tilted towards a male winning, received a large amount of bets on the male conetstants, leading them to halt betting on the show.

"Within a two day period we noticed an inordinate amount of wagers coming in for a male to win this season's show," said Spokesman Dave Staley at the time. "Considering that this show has already been shot, a handful of people know which contestants make it to the finals. Those folks are obviously trying to make a quick buck and I can't blame them one bit."

Unlike other reality shows in which the online sports books have done well with, Survivor is shot in advance as Staley alluded to. American Idol and Dancing with the Stars are two of the more popular reality shows for gamblers, and both of them have live shows followed by live result shows the following night.

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