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Bodog Must Now Treat Online Gambling Affiliates Better

Bodog Worked Hard at Branding Their Domain Name With the loss of their domain name Bodog will also be losing superior rankings in Google search result listings, which may force the company to rely more heavily on their affiliates than they have in the past.

Bodog, who runs one of the most search engine optimized websites on the internet, can be found easily in Google by typing in such phrases as 'online casino', 'sports betting', and 'online casino games'. They also have top results in Yahoo's search results, as well as MSN and other search engines. However, now when a user clicks on one of the results they are brought to a blank page.

This could mean losses in the millions per year for the super-offshore sportsbook and casino.

Of course, Bodog also loses out on the player who simply types in 'Bodog' in Google, and even those who type in to go directly to their site.

The mass part of Bodog's traffic, however, comes from their TV, Radio, and Event advertising, which should be easy enough for them to fix by emphasizing their new domain which is located at

The loss in traffic via search engines, though, could be significant enough for Bodog to now be forced to eat a little crow. Before they lost their domain name they were quite arrogant in how they treated their affiliates. They only allowed the top tier sites to advertise them and if there ever was a discrepancy they had the attitude of 'screw you, your tiny, and we simply don't need you'.

Now, Bodog may need to mend those fences they knocked down through the years as they will need to place more advertising on sites who still rank well for major search terms in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for this company, but losing their domain a week before college and NFL football seasons are starting is a major blow.

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